I am happy to speak before groups of any size. My delight is to lead hungry hearts on a journey of discovery...guiding them closer to the Father who loves them. Whether as an author, speaker, teacher or mother - my joy is to assist in turning on the light of understanding in someone's eye - bringing them further on in God's plan & purpose for their life. My goal is not to entertain, but to equip & encourage fellow believers, strengthening them in their daily walk.
I have spoken and taught in a variety of venues - as a classroom teacher, private tutor and homeschooling parent...leading small women's Bible studies as well as larger conferences and retreats both in the U.S. and in foreign (missions) settings.
Writing and teaching for me are very closely related. I prefer to create everything from scratch - offering "fresh manna" when I am called upon to share or teach. I have written and taught various 13 week elective courses including "Proverbs 31; Portrait of a Fulfilled Woman" which has been enthusiastically received for the past ten years by women of all ages. A current favorite, "Walking in the Spirit" is destined to become a sequel to the book "The Road to Bethany" and another empowering step in the journey of faith.
My deepest desire is to "uncomplicate" the Gospel; to bring powerful truths down to a place of clarity where we can all more effectively apply them to our daily lives. Life is difficult - but God is faithful and His truths are meant to meet the challenges that we must face.
The Lord has placed a burden on my heart for third world ministry leaders who have an extraordinarily difficult job - and the most meager resources. I want to do everything in my power to make ministry tools more available to them. It was a great joy for me to participate in planning, creating and executing a conference for pastors in Russia this past fall. I look forward to other similar opportunities in Russia (where we've been asked to return) as well as in other nations.
Asian or European, male or female, young or old  ~  I believe that we are all His children and we are free to be as close to Him as we desire. He made the way. 
My goal is to help make the pathway to Him
                                                .... a little more clear.

Karon L. Storment


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