"It all started with a prayer...
As I learned, many years ago, what a sweet refreshing place was available to me as His child - I knew it was too good a thing to keep to myself. From that, came the birthing of the concept for this ministry. Everything else that is now evident as fruit in our lives and ministry came from that time and place. The book, the retreat, the prayer and speaking ministry, the missions outreach have all been birthed, bathed, empowered & sustained  by that wonderful place of communion in Him. 'My soul finds rest in God alone...'Psa.62:1"


Women Speakers Link -
"I am listed with this network of Christian speakers in an effort to make myself available to a wider variety of audiences. Every chance that we get to encourage and build one another up is a divine opportunity to strengthen the work of the Kingdom!"


Pastoral Care Link -
"I am indebted to the Pastoral Ministries division of Focus on the Family. They provide pastoral care and a multitude of valuable resources to those in ministry. Their support has been a blessing to us in our ministry as well as to those we serve in ministry. I would encourage every pastor to make use of this resource."


Daily Devotionals -
" 'A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.'  We must stay connected to the Father...or we bear no fruit and our work has no lasting impact. 'I am the Vine, you are the branches.' Jn. 15:5
If I could leave only one statement behind, it would be: stay close to Him. He'll keep you, care for you, provide for you and give you the grace & wisdom for whatever you are facing. Guard that secret place in your heart that is reserved as His dwelling place. 
Here are a few online sources to encourage you in daily devotions:
Our Daily Bread

Utmost for His Highest
Upper Room
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